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The Future of the Arabic Casinos

As for now Arabic casinos are no where to be found but in Arabic casinos models in Las Vegas for the reason that Islam forbids any kind of gambling activities, but as globalization continues to move forward it was obvious that the existence of Arabic casinos was simply a matter of time.

Dubai Arabic Casino LTD is a company that works day and night to change the current governmental status that prohibits Arabic casinos from being built. The National Consultative Council (NCC), managed by Speaker Abdullah Mohammed Al Masaod was asked by Dubai Arabic Casino to clarify current status for raffles, lotteries and other gambling activities that are allowed. Though this move is not clear to experts around the world it seems that Dubai Arabic Casino is trying to "get inside from the back door" of the government.

As for now it seems that in 2007/8 there would be built few casinos in Dubai made for tourists only, the rest of the United Arab Emirate nations would simply have to wait for any amendment of the issue of Arabic casinos and gambling.

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